We would like to thank you for your help in choosing an agent. It worked out very well for us; you gave us the confidence to see what the abilities and even the personality, needed to be in an agent so that we could select an agent who would get on with the job of getting a buyer and the real value for the property at this time. We found xxxxxxxx very good and went beyond the usual expected approach of the traditional real estate agent to get a sale for our particular needs. 

Thank you again

John. Hamilton


Finally it is all coming together. II thank you very much for the help you have given me. It was very reassuring to know I could call on someone who knows what to recommend, or watch out for when undertaking such an important decision.  You were prompt and gave information that I could understand. I will recommend your service to anyone I am in contact with who is wanting to sell their property. Thank you!
C. Bayne

I think your web site is a breath of fresh air to archaic flawed and unprofessional world of real estate.
S. Bell

Thanks for your wonderful guidance.  The strategy worked just as you suggested it might. Robert, I guess we have finally arrived at a sunshine point in our ageing lives after our awful dark-cloud year last year, which I burdened you with many times over.  I do hope it gives you some satisfaction to know you have done it all for us - both on the vendor and buyer sides.  You have been a tremendous support to me, not only from the practical viewpoint, but in helping to lift my spirits when I was really struggling. (I have kept all your emails because they contain so much wisdom).
J. Maclean

I have good news, the property has sold! It was on the market for 10 days with quite a bit of interest. We are really glad we contacted you as we weren’t even looking at this agent at all. I am a bit annoyed though with XX Real Estate they told us we would only get 330k which is 30k less than what we received. Thanks for all your help with this!
R. Vreeken

Thank you for your last email and all your help over the months.  You have always been very professional in all your dealings with both of us.  It has been in my opinion the traditional or old fashioned sense of professionalism.  In other words you do what you say, you call when you say you will call, you do everything you can whenever you can and are polite and extremely helpful no matter what the circumstance.  That type of professionalism isn't around much these days; just a poor mimic of it.
At times this particular journey has been exasperating to say the least but I (and I'm sure many others) have appreciated your calm and confidence when I have needed it most.  So, thank you for that.
J. Turner

I would like to advise you that my house was listed for sale yesterday and few minutes ago I signed the contract. The house was listed for sale and sold within 24 hours which gave no time for a sign to be erected. I wish to express my deep appreciation for your advice and guidance which has proven to be priceless. Acting on the tips you provided me I felt both empowered and confident throughout my dealings with the agents you nominated. I also had the feeling they were careful in whatever they told or promised me. Following this experience i will  most certainly be active in promoting the service you provide in every forum that discusses the topic of real estate .I promise to spread the word of mouth about how outstandingly professional a service you provide . Once again thank you for your good advice and people like yourself give the  real estate industry a good name.
S. Nasser

I will most certainly be referring people to your company.  Your support was critical to how smoothly this whole process went.  Thank you again Robert.
S. Badawi