How many people have got the keys to your home?

How many people do you meet and after a brief chat of maybe 30 minutes or more you give them the keys to your home so they can come in whenever they like, whether you are home or not? 

Do the people you trust the most in your life have the keys to your home... your Doctor, your Solicitor your Accountant?

Most people sell their home maybe once or twice in their lifetime. Most people take the decision of choosing their real estate agent far too lightly. Choosing your real estate agent can be one of the single biggest financial decisions you will make, ever.

Are you considering selling your property? Not sure what to do, not quite sure how to go about it? Not sure what skill set you are looking for in the agent? Maybe you have seen some agents already and are receiving conflicting and confusing advice? Looking for some straight answers?

Real Estate Consulting New Zealand (RECNZ) is an independent organisation set up to help and advise consumers with their real estate dealings.The team at RECNZ have close to 40 years hands on experience in real estate and have assisted people with thousands of property sales and purchases. At RECNZ we understand that real estate is not just about house selling its about people.

If you are considering selling your property minimise the risk, minimise the stress, talk to the team at RECNZ first.